The following steps are performed on a computer reload.

  1. Backup entire Hard Drive
  2. Verify that backup was successful by restoring a file
  3. Wipe hard drive clean and Reload Operating System (may require original Product Key)
  4. Update to current Service Pack and make sure all Windows Updates are applied
  5. Install Anti-Virus software – software can be provided by you or we can procure.
  6. Update Internet Explorer and install any other browsers previously installed (Firefox/Chrome)
  7. Install Standard browser related applications (Java, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player)
  8. Install MS Office (if applicable) and configure first use – configure Outlook (if applicable).
  9. Install Maintenance folder and tools
  10. Create RES(Restore) folder and move all user data to it

Note:  While we do everything in our power to restore all user data, sometimes we miss folders or files due to storage in non-standard locations.  Let us know if you are missing any files. 

We do not re-install applications unless we have previously agreed to do so.  To do so will require you to provide the original software and license key and there may be an additional charge.  There is no additional charge for Microsoft Office and/or Outlook

  1. Create main User accounts (typically only 1 account) and restore data to My Documents and IE Favorites. Willing to reload other software that was installed on the machine but you must provide the software and license.
  2. Place RES folder on desktop (if there is free disk space)

Note: Triskelion will keep your backup at least 1 month.  If you ever have a need for it or any data on it, please contact us.