Satisfied customers are the reason why we are able to remain in business.  From time to time, our customers let us know that we’ve done a good job.


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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I could not get my printer to store scanned documents to my computer.  Triskelion set up my printer to automatically store my scanned pictures and then worked with me to create a plan for scanning 1000’s of pictures.

Sue Willowbrook, IL June 5, 2017

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Remote Access

We access our work computers remotely and were having difficulty with the stability and the quality of the connection.  Triskelion was able to help us find a better quality, low cost solution.

Tom Palatine, IL June 5, 2017

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Saved Us From Buying New Computer

Our computer was dead – it wouldn’t boot.  A big box company told us that we needed a new hard drive. Triskelion was able to restore our computers operation for a small fraction of that cost and they did it quickly.

Lindsay Batavia, IL June 5, 2017

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Saved Me $$$$$

My computer was extremely slow and I figured I just needed a new one but Triskelion was able to get the computer to run much faster for a small fraction of a new computer cost.  They saved us hundreds of dollars.

Jim Aurora, IL June 5, 2017