Tech Gifts for the Christmas Holidays

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and you’re probably already thinking about what you’ll give this year. There are so many gifts available that connect you to the internet and share data in some way. The term for all those sharing devices is The Internet of Things, often referred to as IoT.

IoT is the billions of devices around the globe connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Just a few examples, cell phones, heart monitors, Alexa, animals with biochip transponders, laptops, cars with built-in GPS and other sensors, computers, and many of the items on the list of popular holiday gifts 2020.

The two most significant benefits the IOT devices provide are

·     Communication between connected electronic devices is improved.

·     Information is available from anywhere 24/7 on any device.

Let’s look at the top tech gifts for the upcoming Christmas season and see which ones will be perfect for people on your gift list.

Top Tech Gifts for 2020

If you’ve got a gadget lover on your list, these tech gifts make Christmas gift-giving easy.

Topvision Mini Projector

This tiny projector easily connects to your Smartphone, tablet, or computer to show videos and movies anytime, anywhere, without hassle.

Bose Soundlink Portable Outdoor Speaker

A little speaker delivers a big sound anywhere you go. Take it with you for all your adventures and get-togethers to bring your music with you. It’s even waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

Amazon Smart Plug

If you like the idea of making your home more tech-friendly and you use Alexa, you’ll wonder why you don’t have these plugs in every room. They plug into a regular outlet, then simply plug in lights, TV, or home appliances and ask Alexa to turn them on for you.

4 Channel Security Camera System

Wireless Surveillance Camera System allows you to view the live video remotely anytime and anywhere by phone and iPad. Keep your home safe and stay in the know.

USB Leather Tassel Charger

The ladies in your life will love this on-the-go charger that adds some fashion and flair to any handbag or key chain. No one will know your fashion statement is also tech-friendly.

Tile Pro Tracker

The perfect gift for anyone on your list who is constantly losing their keys, wallet, and a variety of other items. Just attach it to the item that’s always lost (i.e., a keychain), then you can easily track its location using an app on your phone.

Victrola Vintage Bluetooth Record Player

Tech lovers and retro lovers don’t usually come together, but there’s one thing they can agree on, and that’s the sound of music that only comes from a record. This portable record play is Bluetooth enabled with built-in speakers for turntable sound anywhere you go.

Click and Grow Smart Garden

For your friends and family who love the idea of growing their own herbs but don’t have a green thumb, Click and Grow is here to help. This hydroponic system takes all the guesswork out of watering and lights to grow a lush herb garden on the kitchen counter.

iPhone Battery Case

No time to charge your phone? No problem. This handy phone case is also a battery charger so you can charge your phone anywhere without needing an outlet.

Campark Waterproof Touchscreen Camera

Take great photos or videos anytime, anywhere, with this handy digital camera. It has adjustable angles, and it’s compatible with GoPro.

Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

This is the perfect gift for the fitness enthusiast on your list. This non-slip mat has two fabulous features you won’t find in other mats. It comes with yoga routines that play through your smart speaker, and it rolls itself up for easy storage.

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

Print photos directly from your phone or tablet. You can connect your phone through Bluetooth or using the USB cord, then print any image from your phone onto photo paper on the spot.

With so many tech gifts to choose from this Christmas season, you’ll be able to cover everyone on your shopping list.